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Build It Kiln Dried Sand 20kg

Build It Kiln Dried Sand 20kg

20kg bag

Fine graded kiln dried sand for jointing block and other forms of paving. Available in 20kg paper bags.

BENEFITS - the benefits of using kiln dried sand include its ability to resist erosion and weed growth, meaning less need for weed killers, as well as the ability to provide a stable and level surface. Easy to spread using a soft patio brush and compact , making it a practical choice for professional and DIY applications.
COVERAGE - One bag of Kiln Dried Sand will cover approximately 5 metre squared of new standard block paving. For re-sanding 20kg should cover approximately 20 metre squared, this is based on a typical 50mm block.
USES - Used as an infill on patios and block paving to prevent slabs moving, improve water drainage and although its not a weed killer it can help to suppress them. kiln dried sand can also be used for a topdressing as a artificial lawn sand to reduce creases, static, and surface temperature.
PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - 1 x 20kg bag. Dried and lime-free washed Silica sand. Contains approximately 95% silica. The typical grain size is ≤ 0.5mm.

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